Are you leveraging AI and Machine Learning in IT and Finance departments?

You can get a quick payback on your investment while eliminating mundane, costly and repetitive task with our help.

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Literature Section

Please find a mixture of white papers and brochures to help you navigate iTK's capabilities.

Since we have a broad range of enterprise customers and industries who use iTK Technologies we hope our guidance helps. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. 

Mobility platform

Wherever you go, your enterprise data goes with your! Fast mobile access to all Infor Lawson data across multiple platforms. Support for all browsers, including native support for Safari on IOS. Secure access across all data sources - both Lawson & non-Lawson.

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2017 CIO Magazine review of iTK Technologies

Learn why ITK Technologies is one of the visionaries in the ERP industry.

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RTM10 real-time performance management

Detect and resolve security threats, reduce support costs, control supply chain fraud wastes, detect & eliminate duplicate invoice payments and much more with our RTM10 Real Time Performance Management program.

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3 Types of Artificial Intelligence

It is useful for companies to look at AI through the lens of business capabilities rather than technologies. AI can support 3 important needs: Gaining insight, automating processes & engaging with customers.

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Virtual payment card benefits

Electric payments are one of the fastest growing markets in both B2B & consumer purchasing. Virtual cards are quickly becoming the payment-of-choice for buyers and after reading this white paper you will better understand why.

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ITK-Comdata virtual payment program

Learn how you can deploy Comdata's virtual credit card in your for Lawson ERP procure-to-pay process within 60 days.

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Duplicate payments prevention & detection

Duplicate payments drain your profits. ITK Technologies cloud based duplicate module is available as part of our managed services offering. See how reducing and eliminating duplicate payments to your employees and vendors can increase profits.

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Procure-to-Pay optimzation

Learn how your organization can prevent fraud, waste and abuse before it happens and notify you if and when it does happen.

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Oracle technology services

Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to provide comprehensive support your DBA staff - or even replace it entirely. Learn about our Oracle (10g or higher) administration services. ms that meet your needs.

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RTM10 real-time access management

Learn how you can manage threats with our new access management offering.

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RTM 10 transition services

Learn how ITK Technologies can help you migrate to other ERP platforms cost effectively, including Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft, SAP, Workday and others.

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Infor Lawson ERP services

ITK has been delivering value and success to our customers through implementations, upgrades, consulting, and customization. Find out how we design, and implement any Lawson application with or without customizations.

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Lawson ERP direct connect

Whether it is increased security, thanks to Direct Connectu2019s lightning fast, double-authentication, or a need for greater LDAP flexibility, Direct Connect is the go-to resource for more companies than ever.

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2019 CIO Review of iTK Technologies

Learn about ITK Technologies and their leadership in ERP Managed Service Providers. CIO Review has named iTK as one of the thought leaders for the 2nd time in two years. ITK has enabled AI and Machine learning to address IT and FinTech challenges for its' customers.

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